Year-End Portfolio Review For Financial Success

Thank you for your business and trust throughout the year. As we wind down 2016, we’d like to take time to reflect on what’s happened, and look to the year ahead—financially as well as personally. Year-end is the perfect time for a portfolio review!
When we mapped your investment objectives, we The Main Street Group Year-End Portfolio Reviewdiscussed your goals, time horizons, and comfort with investment risk. Take a moment to think about any changes in your life that may have occurred recently. Examples of events that may warrant a review of your portfolio include: change in employment status, graduations, change in family size, or a major purchase such as a new home.
Let’s get together to review your portfolio in light of your current financial needs. If your circumstances have changed, we can update your investment strategy and make appropriate adjustments to your allocation of assets to help keep you on the road to your financial destination. Perhaps nothing has changed – and that’s all right – we can still review ways to maintain or strengthen your plan. Remember, effective investing requires discipline, commitment, and involvement.
Call us today to learn more or to schedule. Happy New Year!

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