The Client Experience

The hallmark of The Main Street Group is the concierge-level treatment we provide for our clients. You will find, as everyone does, that we pride ourselves on making improvements in your lifestyle, and that real financial interaction goes far beyond selecting stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. We invite you to sit down with us, have a glass of wine, and discuss what effect this concierge level service could have on your life.

I’ve never asked a question and been made to feel stupid. I need that kind of relationship with my advisor.


What a difference from my former relationship. You and your staff make me feel important!


We see more of our advisor than we do most of our own family.


Your Client Appreciation Events are always fun and, frankly, they make us feel special.


All of your lines must have been busy, because I had to leave a message. I couldn’t believe someone called me back in just a few minutes!


We discovered an error in our account and your staff resolved it in just a few hours. It’s a relief not to have problems hanging over our heads. Thanks.


As always, you have been much more than just a financial advisor, and I appreciate all the great things you do for you clients, most of whom have become your friends.


Among the many professional service people I have met, including lawyers, doctors, hospital administrators, CPA’s – I rank you as the best based on your honesty, loyalty, font of knowledge, attention to detail, and service. When the technology matures, I want to clone you and rely on your clones liberally.


You are much more than a financial planner, you are an entrepreneur with a vision.


I am so glad that I am blessed with good friends like you.