Remembering September 11

Like most Americans, I remember exactly where I was, and what I was doing when I heard the first radio broadcast that awful morning 13 years ago.

On a trip to New York in December, 2002, we saw the gaping hole where the Twin Towers had stood … and stared open-mouthed at the huge nets wrapped around the adjacent buildings to catch the still-falling materials from the damaged exteriors.  Construction fences lined the entire area, providing a display area for visitors to leave flowers, notes, stuffed animals and other remembrances.  It was amazing.
Flash forward to two weeks ago … our family visited New York, and we toured the newly opened 9-11 Memorial and Museum.  It is powerful.  The displays are informative and very well done.  The video is captivating….the memorial quilt is awesome.

The South Tower stood here. Around the edges of the continually flowing water are inscribed the names of all those killed…for visitors to see and touch and remember.
I recommend a visit.  It is an unexpectedly uplifting reminder of how we were all rocked by that day’s terrible events, and how, in response, we have come together to rebuild New York City and stand together as proud Americans.
-Carol Beth Buchanan, Chief Operating Officer
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