We Celebrate Independence

We celebrate independence

At The Main Street Group, we celebrate Independence…

Independence. Some call it freedom. Others call it a place where the human spirit can grow and differentiate itself. We call it opportunity! Independence is a place where clients can participate in the design of their own financial future. It’s a thought process that allows our firm to serve all of our client’s planning needs without being hindered by another firm’s rules.

Our firm has been independent for over 30 years. We could have grown faster by being captive to a broker-dealer, bank or insurance company. But with that type of arrangement, would have come “their” operating procedures, proprietary products, quotas or emphasis on certain investments, and interference with our business model. We chose to grow “on our own nickel,” choosing those products and companies that best met the needs of our clients.

Our brand of independence is a blank canvas….a place where the client and the advisor can draw and plan what they envision. Call us today for your complimentary consultation.