I Just Choose Great People and Shine in their Shadows

I am an avid LinkedIn follower and an admirer of Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Records and Virgin Atlantic airline.  In his December 27, 2014 post to LinkedIn, he talked about his philosophy on hiring.

“It’s no secret that I wasn’t the most academic student. Dyslexia held me back from focusing on school work and achieving good grades. However, I learned that if I flanked myself with people that complemented my weaknesses and shared my passions, I could work with them towards greater achievements.  Over the past 50 years in business, I have used this as my model for collaboration – simply put: I just choose great people and shine in their shadows.”

While I am surely no Richard Branson, long before I ever heard of him, I did learn the painful lesson that my trying to train myself to do something outside of my skill set would be expensive and time consuming.  Further, when I was done with my “duct tape” approach to resolving an issue, I still felt uneasy as to whether I had really delivered the service I promised.
The guilt of knowing, even when no one else did, that I was not sure that my end result was satisfactory haunted me. I did a time spent/dollars spent (or lost), ongoing comparison with all the benefits of having a skilled person deliver the value I had promised. We in The Main Street Group management team are constantly trying to match the talents of our staff, advisors and recruits to the issues/values we hold most dear. We strive to provide you with a plan that is in line with your specific values and goals.
Our tremendous growth in the past few years is fueled by the Good Lord giving me wisdom and pushing to me those with talents yet to be realized. As a result, I have learned to do what I do best and hire others to do the same.
Steve Crawford, CEO

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