6 Incredibly Simple Investment Rules You Can Learn From Your Plumber

1. Need a plumber? Ask your friends and associates for a reference. Need a financial advisor? Same answer.

2. Got a leak? Hire a professional! Just because you own a pipe wrench doesn’t mean you should use it. When you pay a professional, the cost is insignificant compared to you:
– making the problem worse
– hurting yourself in the process
– having to pay several professionals to come in and clean up the damage you’ve done
– wasting time trying to do it yourself
3. Don’t hover over your plumber and micromanage! This person is under your sink trying to fix your problem, so what do you hope to accomplish by asking stupid questions?
– “Do you need anything?” (“Yes, I need you to let me do my job.”)
– “What do you see?” (“I see two pork chop bones in your disposal.”)
– “Can you fix it?” (“That’s my job.”)
4. Pick a plumber who is busy days, nights, and weekends! If he or she is wanted by many, working long and hard hours and making money in the process, then the future is bright for that plumber. The financial world works much the same way. Invest with companies and advisors whose products or services are in demand, who show good earnings, and who consistently provide good service.
5. Don’t be in a hurry! Plumbers never walk in and start unscrewing things or cutting pipes. They are methodical in diagnosing the problem. Only after studying the situation and arriving at the best solution do they get to work. Investors are often in a hurry to get in or out of the market, and in their haste, they unintentionally buy high and sell low. Investing requires patience and waiting for the right opportunity.
6. Turn off the TV! Plumbers don’t have time to watch TV. They are always working. Consequently, most plumbers have money in their pocket and a positive attitude. They don’t expose themselves to doses of daily negativity from the “talking heads” in the news.
The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.
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