February 2017

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  • Looking for Your 1099's?

    LPL sent out 1099 statements in late January*. If you have misplaced your copy, you can find your statement by logging into your AccountView. Of course, you always can call us for a replacement.  *In some cases, where accounts contain UITs (Unit Investment Trusts) or other investments which are in the process of being reclassified, […]

  • Prince, Pauper, or In-Between: How Long Can You Live on Your Savings?

    Unfortunately, many Americans do not have extra funds to handle a financial hardship if one were to arise. In a recent survey conducted by Bankrate.com, almost half of Americans confessed they don’t have any emergency savings set aside to cover three months of expenses.Within that number, more than a quarter (28%) have no emergency savings […]