Mark Resnick -Client Services Specialist

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Mark has spent his life in various successful careers in industries as widely diverse as selling remanufactured supermarket and restaurant equipment, to running one of Virginia’s oldest companies manufacturing high-quality packaged frozen water, to helping local businesses securely and appropriately destroy sensitive information.

The theme that runs through all of Mark’s endeavors is his tireless passion for helping others, whether they are businesses or consumers.

As founder of Student Loan Freedom, Mark leads a well-trained and well-equipped team whose goal is to help people resolve their federal student loans in the smartest way possible.

Mark desires to help clients obtain greater knowledge and control over their cash flow. He’s passionate about impacting the lives of clients by finding the federal program most beneficial for them.

Mark’s commitment to help others extends to his community work, including more than 20 years volunteering in senior care—serving today as Past Chairman of Beth Sholom Lifecare Community. Mark also is involved in home renovation, gardening, theatre, and family life—always embracing the moments at hand for a good laugh, a good joke, or a delicious gluten-free dessert.


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