Dominion Power Scam The Main Street GroupYesterday (in every other way a normal Tuesday morning), we received a call from Dominion Power. The representative on the phone advised us that our power would be cut off in 30 minutes unless we drove to Norfolk and paid cash ($1500) to bring our electric bill up to date…. or if we couldn’t bring cash, the representative was authorized to accept a partial payment via credit card or electronic check for $800 to keep the power on.
Even though we knew that we were up to date on our bill payments to Dominion Power, we took down the call-back number, reference number, and representative’s name.
We thought, it had to be a scam. And sure enough, it was.
When we called the REAL Dominion, we heard a voice recording advising that there currently is a scam going around … and cautioning that Dominion NEVER requires immediate cash or credit card or pre-paid card payments.
Dominion’s website states:

“If you receive a suspicious call, try to capture the phone number. Don’t reply. Hang up. Report suspicious calls, texts and email to Dominion and local authorities to help prevent you or others from being another victim. Dominion does not call, text or email customers asking for confidential information.”

Read full article from Dominion here.
If you receive a phone call like this – either at your home or at your business – take down as much information as you can, and then notify the REAL company.  Use the phone number on your bill or statement.  After you’ve verified that your account is up to date (of course it is), give the REAL company all the information you wrote down, and report the same information to your local law enforcement authorities.

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